Nearly 25% more sewing area! 

Perfect for home and auto upholstery, drapery, and other heavy sewing



Features Include:

  • Walking Foot
  • Choice of Portable or Table Model
  • Geared Belt Reduction Drive for Mega Power
  • Designed for Sewing Leather, Canvas, Vinyl, and Carpet
  • A Geared Belt & Pulley Drive Positive traction geared belts and reduction pulley
  • No belt slipping when sewing on heavy or difficult materials
  • Longer belt life
  • Economical in space and cost
  • Fits in standard carrying case or table mount
  • With reverse for tacking and back sewing
  • Special heavy duty motor
  • Stitch length variable up to 4 stitches per inch
  • High lift up to 5/16"
  • Equipped with Welt Foot in the most popular 1/4 inch

The Walking Foot machine developed for sewing Leather, Vinyl, Velour & Carpet

The Mini Brute WALKING FOOT...The portable walking foot machine for hobby, do-it-yourself, and small shop operators



Mini-Brute Industrial Sewing Machine Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I need some information on a product for doing automotive upholstery and quilting. Is the Mini-Brute able to handle both our interest?

A. No, it really takes 2 different machines. The Mini-Brute has a strong motor and walking foot for swing through vinyl, leather and carpets.

Q. I see that it has a 1/4" welt - are other feet available?

A. Yes, for larger welts you can use a zipper foot.

Q. Does it need a different foot to sew leather like soft deer and elk leather?

A. Yes, we have a smooth foot available.

Q. Is there a horse power rating on the motor?

A. It has a 1.5 amp motor but it goes through a gear reduction for mega power.

Q. What is the machine body made out of and where is it made?

A. The machine body is cast iron and the machine is made in China.

Q. My wife is interested in learning how to do automotive upholstery, what machine would you recommend?

A. The Mini-Brute is a perfect machine for auto upholstery for the hobbyist or the small shop operator.

Q. I am in need of an inexpensive machine to sew leather, I need your advice?

A. The Mini-Brute works excellent on light to medium leather.

Q. What is the throat size of the Mini-Brute, and does it come with a warranty?

A. The long arm model is 9" from needle to inside of the arm and the standard model is 7" from needle to inside of arm. The Mini-Brute comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty.


Portable or Table Mount Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Mini Brute Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine Stretched to 9" from needle to inside of arm.